Slowly Effective Eating Lower Weight

Are you still hungry even though you are eating more than the usual portion? Maybe it’s because you’re in a hurry to eat.

If you eat slowly, you can even fill up faster. For this reason, eating habits are very well suited for those of you who intend to lose weight.

If you feel full faster, it means you are not eating hectically to accumulate excess calories in the body. But why slow food can quickly fill you up? Here is the review.

Slow eating has been shown to reduce food consumption. This is due to an increase in the levels of antilapar hormones that are produced when you are not eating in a hurry.

When the brain is eating slowly, it is time to receive a series of signals from hormones released from the digestive tract.

A nerve receptor in the stomach can signal directly to the brain via the vagus nerve, which connects the intestine and the brain stem. This signal is usually triggered when the food is partially digested in the small intestine. The hormone cholecystokinin is released by the intestine in response to food ingested during meals. In addition to the hormone cholecystokinin, the hormone leptin released by fat cells increases the signal to increase the feeling of fullness. Leptin, cited by Harvard Health Publishing, interacts with dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain to create a sense of pleasure after eating. Previous 1/2 Next DAY: Hellosehat diet food

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