Reduce Anger In A Healthier Way

EVERY person has a different way of expressing their feelings, even if she is angry. There are those who keep it in their hearts, but there is also an obvious one.

Well, according to Matthew Lieberman, a neurologist at UCLA, there’s actually a better way to manifest anger. In fact, the process is related to mental or physical health. Here is the explanation from The F Things.

Wait for it to come out by itself.

Before you let go of your anger, you should first breathe deeply. Try to cleanse your mind with a breath of fresh air or relax for a moment. If you’re angry, we’re usually in a hurry to let go of your frustration, and that’s not good. So you should try to calm down first.

Contacting Friends

Before blaming others, you should first find your friends and let them know. But do not forget to give them a code when you’re angry.

Give yourself a moment.

Take a pillow and scream loudly. Remove all your anger from within and after breathing with relief.

Dancing around

Play your favorite song as fast as you can. Then dance to get rid of all your trouble.


Try to get rid of all your resentment by doing activities outside your home. For example, by playing volleyball, swimming, cycling, jogging or anything that puts a lot of strain on your energy. Exhaustion from all these activities can reassure you.

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