Kanye West’s Story Diagnosed With Bipolar

As a public figure not only successful in the music and fashion industry, having a harmonious family with his beloved wife and children and countless material overflows, not many ordinary people may know the story behind Kanye West’s character , Yes, behind the appendage of his title as a famous designer and musician who would have thought Kanye West would live with a diagnostic title for bipolar disorder.

Kanye was first known to speak about the mental state he experienced in promoting his new album Ye in June 2018.

Kanye revealed that a doctor had told him that he was actually suffering from sleep deprivation.

However, in a recent interview with Vogue magazine, his wife Kim Kardashian said that her husband received bipolar diagnosis under conflicting medical opinions.

He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but Kim Kardashian’s husband did not hesitate to explicitly publicly discuss the situation he had. One of them tells of the feeling of being “hyperparanoid” because of the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Kanye West said everything could feel like a conspiracy. The whole story is on the next page. Previous 1/2 Next DAY: Bipolar Kim kardashian Kanye West

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