Get To Know LSD, Allegedly Used Drugs Hanbin IKON

The staff of iKON, Kim Hanbin aka B.I., stumbled upon a drug-buying case. Hanbin is said to have bought LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) in 2016.

This case suddenly became public after Hanbin’s conversation with a dealer with the initials A about the conversational application Cocoa Talk was in circulation. For your information, LSD itself is a synthetic drug that is made from dried mushroom juice and grows on wheatgrass and seeds. This lysergic acid content of ergot fungi is then processed into LSD.

According to the official National Narcotics Agency (BNN) page, LSD circulating in Indonesia generally contains lysergide. In 2013, however, the BNN UPT test found three new substances in LSD: 25C-NBOMe, 25BNBOMe, and 251-NBOMe.

25C-NBOMe and 25I-NBOMe compounds are derivatives of fenetilamine and have a psychedelic effect (a calming reaction that can lead to unconsciousness when exposed excessively) to the human body. 25B-NBOMe has hallucinogenic effects when consumed. This substance is also a development / derivative of fenetilamine (2CB).

Consuming LSD drugs also shocked the Indonesian people when a driver named Christopher Daniel Sjarief (23) was implicated in a sequential accident in 2015. Daniels Mitsubishi Outlander crashed on the news site Okezone against nine vehicles on Jalan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta. The results of the investigation show that Daniel was positive about the use of LSD while driving.

The Origin of LSD

The website mentions that the drug allegedly used by Hanbin was first formulated by a chemist named Albert Hofmann. At that time, Hoffman, who worked at Sandoz Pharmaceutical Factory, Basel, Switzerland, was looking for blood stimulants by researching lysergic acid. At first, he was unaware of the hallucinogenic effects of LSD. Previous 1/2 Next DAY: Hanbin iKON LSD

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