Ani Yudhoyono Reportedly Critical, Annisa Pohan Uploads Photos And Touching Messages

HEALTH Former First Lady Ani Yudhoyono reportedly continued to deteriorate. Yesterday, Thursday, May 30, 2019, he returned to the National University Hospital Singapore Intensive Care Unit because of a high fever. One day he did not feel better.

Chained news if Ani Yudhoyono’s health becomes more critical this morning since 3:00 pm. The message said the 66-year-old woman had a drop in blood pressure. Similarly, hemoglobin (HB) levels continue to decline.

So far, there has been no official family statement about Ani Yudhoyono’s current state of health. Nevertheless, the family remained loyal in the hospital. Starting from husband Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, children to daughter-in-law.

Based on Okezone’s observation on Friday (31/05/2013), the two daughters-in-law of Ani Yudhoyono uploaded a message to Insta Story asking for prayer. One of the sons-in-law of Ani Yudhoyono, Annisa Pohan, wrote: “Please help prayer for the memorandum against blood cancer, Mrs. Kristiani Herrawati binti Sarwo Edhie Wibowo, please keep reading” Laa Ilaha Illallah. “Previous 1/2 Next DAY: Annisa Pohan Ani Yudhoyono is Ani Yudhoyono’s pain

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