Alert, Heartbeat And Blood Pressure Can Increase As Stuck Stuck!

For most people living in big cities, it is often the case to be stuck in traffic, especially at rush hour. How does it feel if you get stuck in traffic with your body?

The study on congestion was published by Stephen Fairclough, professor of psychophysiology at Liverpool John Moores University, England, in 2014. The study was indeed carried out at peak times when many people in England were stuck in traffic jams.

The researcher wants to see the effect of the song on the work of the heart. Apparently, the song has an influence on the rest.

“When we’re stuck in a traffic jam, fear can not reach the goal of time, at which time we’re not just feeling stressed or angry,” Stephen said. “There are a number of changes in the body during a congestion, such as an increase in heart rate and blood pressure,” he said again, as stated on the “Psychology Today” page on Monday (06.10.19).

After researching and analyzing, Stephen found that music had a truly calming effect on the driver.

“The results show that drivers who listen aggressively or loudly to music or hear no music at all experience a blood pressure increase if they get stuck,” said Stephen.

For riders who hear soothing songs, the effect is different. They drive more quietly. So there is nothing wrong with listening to music that feels comfortable in a traffic jam. Smooth jazz or soft rock music or other genres that you like can be played.

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